Nick Wheelwright, Executive Chairman. Soccer Manager Ltd
Nick Wheelwright

Executive Chairman

With over 20 years experience in the games industry, Nick was CEO of Codemasters and Monumental games. He is also a founder of Playground Games.

Andrew Gore, Managing Director. Soccer Manager Ltd
Andy Gore

Managing Director

Over 17 years experience in the games industry, working on numerous successful football titles such as FIFA before co-founding Soccer Manager. Involved in all the company’s major decisions and developments.

Chris Gore, Studio Director - Soccer Manager Ltd
Chris Gore

Studio Director

A co-founder that has been leading the development team at Soccer Manager since 2004. Responsible for the design and development of all the games as well as being involved in the company's major decisions.

Steven Gore, Marketing Director - Soccer Manager Ltd
Steven Gore

Marketing Director

A founding member of Soccer Manager, and the marketing director for the company, running many successful marketing campaigns and leading social media and interactions within the online community.

Peter Adams, Web Director - Soccer Manager Ltd
Peter Adams

Web Director

With over 20 years experience as a web developer, Peter co-founded Soccer Manager in 2004 and leads the company’s web developments, SEO, ASO and server infrastructure.

Mike Hayes, Non-Executive Director - Soccer Manager Ltd
Mike Hayes

Non-Executive Director

Mike, representing Mercia, brings over 25 years experience in the games industry and is a former CEO of Sega.