About Us

Here at Soccer Manager, we are fanatical about the dynamic, competitive game that is football. We have dedicated over 15 years to developing high quality football games for fans like ourselves. Since 2004, we have brought 4 football games to the market: Soccer Manager Worlds, Soccer Manager 2021, Football Clash: All Stars and F2 Target Tekkers. More exciting projects are currently in development.

  • Soccer Manager founded


    Founded by Andrew Gore, Chris Gore, Steven Gore and Peter Adams. Three brothers and their friend decided to join expertise and create an online game they would enjoy playing themselves, a football management game that today we call Soccer Manager Worlds. It was the love they had for the game they were creating that has enabled the company to grow into the high quality game developer it is today.

  • Soccer Manager launched



    A browser based multiplayer game that allowed managers to buy and sell players and compete head to head against other managers from across the globe. What set it apart from other football management games on the market is that it was the first realistic online multiplayer football management game, that users could play for free.

  • Soccer Manager App launched on iOS and Android


    With the arrival of smartphones it was vital that users were able to manage their club on the go, in 2013 the first Soccer Manager app was released ensuring all users were able to play their way to glory no matter what platform they were on.

  • Soccer Manager re-branded Soccer Manager Worlds



    Soccer Manager, our online multiplayer game at the time was rebranded as Soccer Manager Worlds and was given a fresh new look ready for the up and coming release of our single player game. This was so that our two games would have distinctive identities.

  • Soccer Manager 2015 launched



    Following the success of Soccer Manager Worlds, attention was turned to creating a high-quality, immersive single player football management experience. Initial development began in 2012 with the first iteration Soccer Manager 2015 being launched three years later.

  • Soccer Manager 2016 launched

    October 2015


    During development of the Single player game it was decided that a new iteration of the game would be released at the beginning of each season to ensure a sense of realism by including up to date squads and leagues as well as a host of other new features and improvements. Subsequently Soccer Manager 2016 was soft launched in the September and then fully released in October.

  • Soccer Manager 2017 launched

    October 2016


    Soccer Manager 2017 was released in the October which contained the updated squads and leagues for the 2017/2018 football season. It was also synchronised across platforms so it allowed our users to switch seamlessly between devices and platforms so they can continue their management career anywhere and everywhere.

  • Soccer Manager Arena launched

    May 2017


    In April 2016 ideas started flowing for our third title, this time we wanted to divert away from our comfort zone and create a completely different sort of football game and Soccer Manager Arena was the result. The concept was to take two popular genres of games on the market and combine features from them both creating for the first time, a high quality football based, card collecting, PvP mobile game. Soccer Manager Arena was officially launched a year later in May 2017.

  • Soccer Manager 2018 launched

    November 2017


    After creating Soccer Manager Arena in the Unity game engine we knew that we wanted to develop our next iteration of the single player game using the same engine. Using Unity gave us much more scope in what we were able to achieve with the game. Building it in a dedicated game engine allowed for better optimisation and more memory usage which made it possible to have a more interactive user interface, resolve save game issues and to include 3D elements. Soccer Manager 2018 was released in open beta in September with the full launch following early November.

  • Soccer Manager Arena re-branded Football Clash: All Stars

    March 2018

    Football Clash: All Stars

    The decision to re-brand evolved from feedback from our community, we wanted to divert away from users thinking it was a management game like our other titles. We also introduced new 3D shooting/ goalkeeping mechanics and the anticipated feature tournaments to the latest version. These changed the dynamics of the game so it was the perfect time to re-brand the game as Football Clash: All Stars, a name which we think is a much more appropriate fit.

  • Soccer Manager 2019 launched

    October 31st 2018


    Released on the 31st October, Soccer Manager 2019 is our latest iteration of our popular football management simulation. Lead your favourite team to victory in an immersive football management simulator. Decide to take on a top flight club to test your management skills against the best or help a struggling, lower division team fight for glory.

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  • F2 Target Tekkers Launched

    October 5th 2019

    F2 Target Tekkers

    F2 Target Tekkers is an epic football puzzle game where you play as the world famous F2Freestylers. It was released on 5th October 2019 and shot straight to the top of the charts.

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  • Soccer Manager 2020 Launched

    October 21st 2019


    Released on the 21st October, Soccer Manager 2020 is our latest iteration of our popular football management simulation. Choose from over 800 clubs from 33 countries around the world, so you'll have the chance to manage and build your top eleven. Featuring realistic 3D graphics, intense competitions and an in-depth game economy. The football manager experience in Soccer Manager 2020 is as close to the real thing as a game can get.

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  • Soccer Manager Elite BETA

    Q4 2019


    Soccer Manager Elite is currently in development, it will be a massive multiplayer football management game built directly on blockchain technology, where users compete against other managers to earn cryptocurrency as they progress through the game.

  • Soccer Manager 2021 Launched

    September 18th 2020


    Released on the 18th September, Soccer Manager 2021 is the latest iteration of our established football management game. This year introduces one of the most exciting managers in world football, Mikel Arteta as the face of Soccer Manager 2021. This partnership along with several new features makes this management game the ultimate football experience on mobile.

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  • Football Clash: All Stars

    June 2021

    Football Clash: All Stars

    After 4 years the final whistle has blown for Football Clash: All-Stars. Launched in May 2017 as Soccer Manager Arena and rebranded a year later as Football Clash: All Stars. Football Clash was a much loved, fun and fast paced competitive 5-a-side PvP game. A big step away from Soccer Manager's traditional manager simulation offering.

    The servers for the game were turned off on Wednesday the 23rd June 2021.